CEC-Cote is a fast curing, two part cut-edge corrosion repair system that has been designed to be applied wet on wet and will cure within 30 minutes. Minimal preparation work is needed and no primer is required. The speed of the application of the CEC-Cote system along with its excellent bond strength offers unrivalled benefits in its class.

• Can be applied onto a damp substrate
• Minimal preparation required
• Year round application possible
• Quick and easy to apply – reducing scaffolding and labour costs
• Wet on wet application
• Can be applied at -5°
• Single coat application

Before After
Before After
Before After CEC/Guttercote BeforeCEC/Guttercote After

10 Year system – 1.5kg/m²

15 Year system – 1.75kg/m²

20 Year system – 2kg/m²

Substrate Preparation: Clean the substrate to be treated with a jet wash or other suitable means and dry. Grind all rusted areas back to bright metal. Repair or replace any rusted through sections with a fully reinforced CEC- Cote repair patch that incorporates Sigma-Glass 100. Structural support (Perforated sheet ends can also be prepared in this way). Remove loose rust and white salts. Remove all loose and flaking coatings.

Priming: No primer is usually required.

Environmental Conditions: No application should proceed during inclement weather or if this could occur within 20 minutes of application. The substrate must be free from ice, frost and any contamination.

Masking Preparation: Peel and cut back any loose plastisol coating, and where required sand back to a feathered edge. Mask off the outside top and bottom edges to 100mm beyond the highest and lowest affected points of the damaged sheet.

Product Application: CEC-Cote is an MMA based rapid cure system that will usually cure within 30 minutes of mixing in the catalyst. Stir contents of unit for 30 seconds, then add the pre-weighed catalyst and mix for a further 30 seconds. Apply with a Short Pile Roller. Gridding the area is recommended to ensure coverage is achieved and to avoid wastage.

Cleaning: All tools and equipment should be cleaned before the material is allowed to cure. Clean using Tool Cleaner.

Curing: Light foot traffic: 2 hours @ 20°C Full chemical resistance: 24 hours @ 20°C

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