Cladcote is specifically designed for use on plastisol cladding. Cladcote has been engineered using synthetic resins and fast drying solvents to ensure the maximum bond to difficult substrates. The system is available in a wide range of colours offering endless design opportunities. The Cladcote system offers a range of guarantees.




• Cladcote is specifically formulated for the refurbishment of Plastisol Cladding.



• Cold applied, no hot works insurance required.

• Saves the cost of completely re-cladding.

• Quick and easy to apply.

• Spray, Roller or Brush application options.

• Flexible, cold applied, rapid & simple application.

• Tins can be opened and re-sealed with no surface skinning inside the can.



Cladcote protects the cladded surface from further infra red and ultra violet damage, thermal movement and heat build-up, whilst resisting industrial and environmental pollution. Cladcote should be inspected annually as part of a regular maintenance program.

Before After Cladcote BeforeCladcote After
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Cladcote 10 Year system0.6L/m2

Cladcote 15 – 1st layer 0.6L/m2 , – 2nd layer 0.3L/m2

Cladcote 20 – 1st layer 0.6L/m2– 2nd layer 0.6L/m2

Substrate Preparation: Jet wash existing surfaces using a 3000psi minimum pressure washer. All moss, lichen or fungal growth should be removed. Clean using a mild soap solution. All substrates should be free of standing water.

Any metal surfaces should be free of loose rust and mill scale and flaking coatings, cleaned and degreased with Surface Cleaner. All damaged sheets should be replaced or repaired with Sigma-SA Repair Tape.

Priming: No primer is usually required. If any sheeting is very friable or heavily contaminated apply Sigma-Prime WB or Sigma-Prime SV applied at 0.25L/m2. Contact Approved Building Products for further guidance.

Bolt Heads and Small Repairs: Tighten and crop all bolt heads that require cropping to 25mm. Remove all rust and coat with Cladcote within 24 hours. To any cracked sheets apply Cladcote to the cleaned and prepared surface and allow a 100mm border around the edges of the repair tape. Allow to dry and then roller in place the Sigma-SA Repair tape. Apply the Cladcote system over the coated bolt heads and taped repairs.

Product Application: Apply using airless spray, roller or a Approved Building Products Rapid Applicator Brush. The product must not be applied in wet or freezing conditions or if these conditions are likely to occur before the membrane has dried. The product is applied in a single coat. Normal drying time is 2 to 4 hours. Clean tools using Approved Building Products Tool Cleaner.

Coverage Rates:

Cladcote 10 Year system – 0.6L/m2

Cladcote 15 – 1st layer 0.6L/m2 , – 2nd layer 0.3L/m2

Cladcote 20 – 1st layer 0.6L/m2– 2nd layer 0.6L/m2

Colours: Cladcote is available in a range of colours.

Storage: Store in dry, cool conditions, preferably at temperatures between 10°C and 20°C.

Temperature: Coverage rates can vary with temperature. Avoid storing in cold conditions prior to application.

Site Testing: The above coverage rates are for guidance only. Site application tests are recommended to confirm actual coverage rates.


Cladcote – 5L & 15L Units

Sigma-Prime SV – 5L & 15L Units

Sigma-Prime WB – 5L & 15L Units

Sigma-SA Repair Tape – 150mm x 50m & 300mm x 50m length rolls


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