Guttercote is a rapid curing gutter coating system system which has been designed to be applied wet on wet. The entire system cures in 30 minutes and can be applied directly to rusted gutters without priming. 

Guttercote also benefits from 10, 15 and 20 year guarantees and warranties

Areas of application 

  • Galvanised metal
  • Plastic
  • Timber
  • Concrete
  • Zinc
  • Metal
  • Asphalt
  • Bitumen
  • Rusted metal
  • Single ply
  • Existing gutter fittings (peel test may be required)

• Can be applied onto a damp substrate
• Minimal preparation required
• Year round application possible
• Quick and easy to apply – reducing scaffolding and labour costs
• Wet on wet application
• Can be applied at -5°
• Single coat application

Before After CEC/Guttercote BeforeCEC/Guttercote After
Before After Guttercote before image 2Guttercote after image 2
Before After Guttercote before imageGuttercote after image

10 Year Guarantee System
1.25kg/m2 (Sigma-Glass 225 at joints)
15 Year Guarantee System
1.5kg/m2 (Sigma-Glass 225 at joints)
20 Year Guarantee System
2.0kg/m2 (Sigma-Glass 225 throughout entire gutter)

Substrate preparation

Clean the substrate to be treated with a jet wash or other suitable means. Dry the surface area to be then treated, rag dry will usually be sufficient. Repair/replace any rusted through sections with suitable means. All lead surfaces should be thoroughly abraded prior to the system application with a wire brush.

Metal surfaces

Remove all proprietary repairs and friable loose rust using a 3000psi jet wash. Ensure that the existing bolts are secure and appropriately cropped. Sheets which are structurally unsound due to total corrosion particularly around fixings must be replaced or repaired.

Timber surfaces

Inspect timber gutter lining to ensure that the timber is structurally sound. Prime the dry timber gutter with Sigma-Prime WB at coverage of 0.25L/m². A fully reinforced system should be applied to timber gutters using Sigma-Glass 225 throughout.

Asphalt surfaces

Existing asphalt gutters should be sound, dimensionally stable, clean and free of loose matter and excess water. All cracks, gaps, holes should be raked out, suitably prepared and repaired by Sigma-Gard RPM (Repair Patch Mortar). Any hollows, blows or ridges in the existing substrate are to be ironed out to leave a smooth surface. Any cracks above 10mm should be repaired with Sigma-Gard RPM (Repair Patch Mortar).

Bituminous surfaces

Existing bitumen gutters should be sound, dimensionally stable, clean and free of loose matter and excess water. All cracks, gaps, holes should be raked out, suitably prepared and repaired. Any holes, blisters or ridges in the existing gutter substrate are to be repaired to leave a suitable surface. Any holes above 10mm should be repaired with Guttercote (fully reinforced) building up the thickness in preparation for full system application.

Lead surfaces

Inspect all lead gutter sheets, wire brush or mechanically abrade to form a key. Areas which are structurally unsound due to total erosion must be replaced with fully reinforced Guttercote building up the thickness to suit existing surface as the repair prior to system application.

Single ply surfaces

Existing single ply gutters should be sound, dimensionally stable, clean and free of loose matter and excess water. All rips, tears, holes should be cleaned, suitably prepared and repaired. Any exposed apertures above 10mm should be repaired by applying fully reinforced Guttercote building up the thickness to suit existing surface as the repair prior to system application.

Concrete surfaces

Existing concrete gutters should be sound, dimensionally stable, clean and free of loose matter and excess water. All cracks, gaps, holes should be raked out, suitably prepared and repaired. Any cracks above 10mm should be repaired with Sigma-Gard RPM (Repair Patch Mortar).


Mastic asphalt and bituminous surfaces do not usually require priming.

Concrete, timber, foreign coatings and existing GRP systems will require priming. Prime with Sigma-Prime WB at a coverage rate of 0.25L/m². An additional coat of primer may be required for extremely porous substrates, contact Euro Polymers Technical Support Team for details.


Guttercote is supplied as two parts, a coloured liquid and pre-weighed catalyst component (There is no need to weigh any catalyst out with this system). Add the entire contents of the catalyst to the liquid in the tin and stir until the catalyst is no longer visible. Mix for approximately one minute.

Masking tapes

Masking tape should be applied to all adjacent junctions to the waterproofing system.

Gutter joints

Apply an initial coat of Guttercote over the gutter joints (with bond break applied) at a rate of 1.5kg/m2 approximately 250mm over the fixings into the field area. Whilst wet embed the Sigma-Glass 225 into the entire area of the wet membrane by applying gentle pressure with a short pile roller or brush. Ensure that the coating is applied to all fixing bolts and that the Sigma-Glass 225 has wrapped around each. Remove any wicking prior to applying the main gutter coating.

Main gutter surface

Apply Guttercote over the entire gutter area including all joints and repairs. This coat should be applied at a minimum coverage rate of 1.25kg/m2. Pour the contents of the tin in quantities appropriate to the pre-gridded areas. Using a short pile roller spread out the product to a uniform thickness to achieve the required coverage rate. Refer to coverage rates section for specific details.

System limitations

This product must not be applied in standing water, freezing conditions are likely to occur before the membrane has dried. Once the system has been correctly mixed (see above) apply only at temperatures between –5°C and 40°C. MMA based products are rapid curing and typically cure within 30 minutes in normal working conditions.


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