Commercial Roofing Systems

Our range of commercial roofing systems covers everything from gutters and cut-edge corrosion through to asbestos encapuslation

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Guttercote is a rapid curing gutter coating system system which has been designed to be applied wet on wet. The entire system cures in 30 minutes and can be applied directly to rusted gutters without priming.


CEC-Cote is a fast curing, two part cut-edge corrosion repair system that has been designed to be applied wet on wet and will cure within 30 minutes.


Cladcote has been specifically designed for use on plastisol cladding. It has been engineered using synthetic resins and fast drying solvents to ensure the maximum bond to difficult substrates.


Clearcote is a liquid applied, UV stable clear coating and is available with 10 and 15 year guarantees. Clearcote is specifically designed for use on roof glazing and can also be done in black to block out light if required.


AE-Tec is a liquid applied moisture tolerant synthetic polymer coating which dries to form a tough seamless membrane designed for asbestos encapsulation


ME-tec is specifically designed for use on external metal cladding applications. ME-tec is available in a wide range of colours, offering limitless design opportunities for refurbishment projects.

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